Ukrainian Pioneers Endowment Fund

The Ukrainian Pioneers Endowment Fund was established at the Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta in 2008 to support Ukrainian cultural activities, publishing of books on Ukrainian life in Canada, and bilingual studies. It provides support to the following activities:

  1. research in the history and culture of Ukrainian Canadians; 
  2. production of the publications and educational materials on the topics related to the history and culture of Ukrainian Canadians; 
  3. acquisition, preservation, and processing of publications and archival records from members of the local Ukrainian community to the Kule Folklore Centre or the Ukrainian Pioneers Association; 
  4. purchase and distribution of books on the Ukrainian experience in Canada to Alberta libraries and schools and as gifts for dignitaries on special occasions; 
  5. redistribution of the acquired materials among Canadian and Diaspora Studies Centres to relevant institutions worldwide; 
  6. organization of conferences, public lectures and seminars related to the Ukrainian Canadian history and culture.

The Ukrainian Pioneers Association of Alberta was initiated by Wasyl Czumer and Wolodymyr Plawiuk. Shortly thereafter Dmytro Ferbey, Tom Tomashewsky and John Basarab joined it. The first meetings were held in March of 1941, and on March 31, 1941 the organization was registered with the Provincial government. 

The website of the Ukrainian Pioneers of Alberta is currently under construction, and will be launched in early 2018.