Making A New Home: 125th Anniversary of Ukrainians in Canada Exhibit

Making A New Home exhibitA beautiful new exhibit has been developed at the Kule Folklore Centre, University of Alberta: Making a New Home: Ukrainian Canadian Pioneer Experiences. The 30 foot trilingual (English, Ukrainian, French) display explores Ukrainian Pioneer life in Canada - stories of prairie settlers choosing their homesteads, building homes, and establishing communities through archival photographs  and text. Many of the images are reproduced for the first time.

They are assembled from the Kule Folklore Centre’s own Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives, UCAMA, the UCHV research collection, and several other archival institutions. The exhibit is partnered by the Ukrainian Pioneers’ Association of Alberta and authored by Andriy Nahachewsky, Larisa Cheladyn, Maryna Chernyavska and Lynnien Pawluk.

The display is designed to complement and continue the stories from an earlier exhibit, Journey to Canada, which deals with the voyage itself, and which has toured successfully since the 120th Anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada. Making A New Home exhibitThe Kule Folklore Centre has displayed seven different exhibits and has gained a strong national reputation in this type of university-community collaboration. Making a New Home  premieres at the Surrey Museum in BC in February, and plans are for 20 more presentations across the country over 2 years, perhaps to 500,000 people.

The exhibit has three 10’ panels that are 8’ high, is self sustainable and is approximately 30’ – 34’ long but can be displayed in a variety of ways to accommodate the kind of exhibit spaces we are given. It can be seen as:

  • One continuous exhibit – 34’ long  OR
  • Three separate 10’ exhibit boards that can be placed near each other but can be accommodated in smaller space.

For more information about the rental or exhibit schedule contact:

Lynnien Pawluk, Administrator
shared fax 780-492-2051
Kule Folklore Centre
250 Arts Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, T6G 2E6