Projects and Research

Old Arts Building at the University of AlbertaThe Kule Folklore Centre has a diverse research profile, and projects are initiated by faculty, graduate students, visiting researchers, and community members. Our research products are very diverse in form: monographs, books of collected articles, articles, research reports, films, websites, exhibits, workshops, public presentations and more.

The University of Alberta has recognized the significance of community engagement increasingly in the past several years, and the Kule Folklore Centre is a leader in this perspective and is actively involved in the community. 

The KuFC created and travelled nationally with several exhibits. The last exhibit entitled Journey to Canada: Ukrainian Immigration Experience 1891-1900 came out in 2011 and was showcased in more than ten locations from coast to coast. 

Both Andriy Nahachewsky and Natalie Kononenko are sought out by academic and community organizations to make presentations on specific projects or generally in the field of folklore and Ukrainian traditional culture. 

The Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives attract a number of groups and individuals each year, and offers tours of the facility as requested. In addition, numerous inquiries are received each year from researchers or members of the public locally or internationally, requesting the expertise of faculty and staff of the Kule Folklore Centre.

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