Olga Vesey Ukrainian Folk Tales

Olga Vesey 1943 or 1044

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This project is an online publication of Ukrainian folk tales translated by Olga Vesey (nee Lesik). These materials were donated to the Bohdan Medwidsky Ukrainian Folklore Archives by Olga's daughter, Nina Westaway (nee Vesey). One collection of Olga's translations of Ukrainian folk tales was published in 1975 as The Flying Ship, which was an award winning children's book. Before she died in 1995, she asked Nina to publish her stories. Some of them have appeared in other English publications, but have never been published as a collection.

This website consists of three parts: first one contains Olga Vesey's biographical and autobiographical materials, second - translations of Ukrainian folk tales, and third - short stories by Olga Vesey. Please follow the links on top of the page to navigate these materials.