Short stories by Olga Vesey

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These stories provide very interesting insight into the life of immigrants to Canada. They also demonstrate Olga's great observation skills.

A Ukrainian Socrates (1851-1935) 

I can't remember when we didn’t know him, for he was a part of our earliest childhood. He seemed so permanent, that at first we accepted his presence without question. When he boasted that he would live to be a hundred, well, of course, we thought he would; we didn’t doubt his word. Read more

Beautiful Tyotia

“Old Mother Witch, fell in the ditch!” I heard the children shriek at her in their shrill, strident voices. “Old Mother Witch!” 

I turned around to make sure. Yes, it was she, it was Tyotia, the same Tyotia, yet somehow different—older, ugly, tattered and torn; but I recognized her for all that. Read more