Andriy Nahachewsky recording Ukrainian proverbs for 790 CFCW Zabava Program

The Friends of the Ukrainian Folklore Centre arranged a sponsorship on CFCW radio's "Ukrainian Zabava Program," with an estimated 18,000 weekly listeners. For each Sunday, Jason Golinowski helps Andriy Nahachewsky record a 30-45 second spot explaining one Ukrainian proverb in an entertaining and informative tone. The program proved to be a great success. Listen to 790 CFCW Zabava Program every Sunday night 7-9pm.

Click on the proverb or saying to listen to it:

Були перли та й си стерли | Buly perly ta i sy sterly

То поможе, як вмерлому кадило | To pomozhe, iak vmerlomu kadylo

До часу баняк воду носить | Do chasu baniak vodu nosyt'

Ключі до ґари і штири доляри | Keys to the car and $4

Дай нам, Боже, все, що треба, а по смерти - гоп, до неба | Dear God, please give us all that we need, and after we die - hop up to Heaven

Гроші - добрий слуга, та лихий пан | Money is a wonderful servant, but a terrible boss

Тиха вода береги ломить | Quiet water can break the river banks

Коби мені до Вінніпку, там я найду хліба дрібку | If only I can get to Winnipeg, there I can find a bit of bread

Це вода на мій млин | That's water for my mill

Веселість - то половина здоров'я | Happiness is half of good health

You can browse and search more proverbs in the online database of the Ukrainian Folklore Archives.