De la Flise. Albums. v.1-2

D. P. De la Flise

Albums. V.1

Kyiv: Instytut ukrains'koi arkheohrafii ta dzhereloznavstva im. M. Hrushevs'koho NAN Ukrainy


The first volume of "The Albums of De la Flise" comprises a complete ethnographic and historic description of the Kyiv Province and neighbouring territories taken from the manuscript albums of the famous 19th century researcher - De la Flise. De la Flise. AlbumsThese unique materials, published for the first time, are richly illustrated with original colour drawings, which are still of great importance.

Albums. V.2


The second and final volume of the "D. P. De la Flise. Albums" contains "Medical-Topographic Description... of Kyiv's region... 1854", the most fundamental work by the author (1245) manuscript pages). The influence of natural environment upon people's health, characteristic features of economic activity, and the culture of the population are considered.