Migrations: From Western Ukraine to Western Canada

MigrationsMigrations: From Western Ukraine to Western Canada: Proceedings of the Joint Conferences

Edmonton: Canadian Centre for Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography, University of Alberta; Historic Sites Service, Alberta Community Development


This bilingual publication is based on papers delivered at two conferences, on in Chernivtsi, Ukraine and the other in Edmonton in 1991. These conferences involved the exchange of the largest delegations of ethnographers ever between Canada and Ukraine. The materials include solidly researched articles as well as extensive summaries of the presentations. The collection presents a wide range of methodological interpretations that reflect differences in scholarly traditions between Ukraine and Canada. Comparative nature of the topics and interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Ukrainian immigration add to the uniqueness of this publication. The major sections include "Methodology and Historiography", "History", "Ethnography and Folklore", and "Linguistics and Literary Criticism".